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    Smokey Mountain Memory Foam Toppers
    After years of testing, Smokey Mountain Mattress is proud to offer a memory
    foam that outperforms all the other memory foams on the market today. Our
    memory foam offers the best value and performance of any memory foam
    toppers. Such as:

  • Cut to a full 2" or 3" or 4" in thickness - not zone cut or waffle cut like
    some other pads.
  • Our pads are also cut full to the edge, where others often are cut 1" -
    2" short of the sides.
  • Choose from 5.5, 5.8 or 6.3 Comfort Select toppers at an affordable price
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

    If our toppers don't improve the quality of your sleep, we will gladly take it back no questions asked. Your only risk is the cost of return shipping.


    We offer our pads in the 2", 3" & 4".

    What depth pad should you choose?
    Weight is the major determining factor. A 2" pad will provide comfort for
    individuals weighing up to 180 pounds. A 3" pad is best for the 180 - 240 weight range, while a 4" pad will prove far better for sleepers weighing over 240 pounds.

    What comfort rating should you choose?
    The choice is really a matter of personal preference. Basically, the comfort rating is figured as the amount of comfort per square foot. Generally, as the comfort rating goes higher, the foam feels more supportive. Our 5.5 Comfort Select material is rated extra soft, while our 5.8 Comfort Select material is soft. Our 6.3 Comfort Select material is rated as medium firm. It is suggested that if you are primarily a stomach sleeper, a 6.3 Comfort Select material should be strongly considered.

    Free Shipping: We offer Free Shipping within the Continental U.S. for all online orders for our Toppers. Please note: Our Topper Pads are generally shipped the next working day after you place your order by ground shipping service. After being shipped from our warehouse, they take an additional 6 - 10 shipping days to be delivered, depending on the distance from our warehouse, to your home. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email from DHL with your tracking information as well as the date delivery is expected.

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20 Years of Experience
 We have over 20 years of experience
 in the comfort industry. We offer
 afforable solutions to help you sleep,
 such as Sensus® Memory Foam
 mattresses and mattresses toppers
 and beds. We also offer Foamex®
 foams, such as toppers, pillows and
 mattresses, as well as our very own
 Postur-rific® memory foam pillows
 for the budget minded consumer..

We Know Sleep
 Sleep is an essential part of your life,
 so our Memory Foam products were
 all engineered with one thought in
 mind: your comfort. For several years
 now memory foam has been changing
 the way people sleep. No more back
 aches , no more tossing and turning.
 Memory foam is one of the greatest
 innovations in sleep history and, We
 are here to offer you a wide
 assortment of memory foam products
 that won't break your budget.

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