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Purchase Memory Foam Pillows!

    Did you know that improper head and neck alignment can not onlt cause
    headaches, but lead to major health complications? Smokey Mountain
    Mattress offers high quality memory foam pillows in a 4lb and 5lb density.
    Our pillows are contoured to insure proper spinal alignment. Available in
    standard, queen and king size. Smokey Mountain Mattress Co also offers
    Micro Flex pillows ( shreaded memory foam), in king and quen sizes.

    What Density Of Pillow Is Best?
    We suggest that persons over 185 pounds choose the 5lb pillow for proper
    weight support.

    What Does The Contour Shape Do?
    The contour shape follows the neck's natural alignment allowing a more
    natural position for the head and neck. Does The Microflex Pillow Have
    Any Benefit If It Is Not

    Yes. Our Micro Flex Pillows are overstuffed and are manufactured with
    4lb memory foam material. The shreaded foam will quickly conform to the
    natural alignment of the head and neck.

    Our pillows come with your choice of cover. We offer a cotton/ poly
    zippered cover, as well as a terry cloth zippered cover. Our Micro Flex
    pillows come witha terry cloth zippered cover.

    Our pillows are generally shipped the next business day after you order, by
    DHL Ground. Express shipping is available at an extra cost. Please call us
    at 615-301-8451 for a quote. Our pillows have a limited 5 year warranty
    against defects. In addition, it also comes with our 90 day sleep trial. You
    can return this product for any reason during the first 90 days for a full
    refund. Your only expense on a return would be the return shipping cost.
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20 Years of Experience
 We have over 20 years of experience
 in the comfort industry. We offer
 afforable solutions to help you sleep,
 such as Sensus® Memory Foam
 mattresses and mattresses toppers
 and beds. We also offer Foamex®
 foams, such as toppers, pillows and
 mattresses, as well as our very own
 Postur-rific® memory foam pillows
 for the budget minded consumer..

We Know Sleep
 Sleep is an essential part of your life,
 so our Memory Foam products were
 all engineered with one thought in
 mind: your comfort. For several years
 now memory foam has been changing
 the way people sleep. No more back
 aches , no more tossing and turning.
 Memory foam is one of the greatest
 innovations in sleep history and, We
 are here to offer you a wide
 assortment of memory foam products
 that won't break your budget.

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